Uni VS Team


Nº of members in the team: 3 programmers / 6 artists


High concept:

“Uni-VS-Team” is an action 4 player beat’em up game, featuring classic aspects of side scrolling brawlers plus the ability of doing combos, where players have to beat hordes of aliens across the different faculties of the university.


My role: Gameplay programmer

Engine preparation related tasks:

  • Implemented the rendering of the debug lines and used them to render the debug collision boxes.
  • Added a “player following” logic to the basic camera we had so the center of it would be dependent of the position of the players alive.
  • Reworked the animation system so we could have different animations for different enemies (characters with the tag “enemy” could only have one set of animations).

Gameplay related tasks:

  • Implemented the introductory comic.
  • Developed the stats system and component to keep track of all the variables and stats related to the characters (health, strength, speed…).
  • Programmed the HUD, this is, the health bar and the feedback of the faces (the face changes its expression according to the health of the player and when he/she gets damaged).
  • Designed and implemented the combo system. As this is part of the combat, I was also in charge of the player hitting an enemy feedback (using sprites) and the enemy hitting a player feedback (animations and forces when strong damage).
  • Developed the arenas. This involved programming the enemy spawners, the camera locking (players won’t get out of the place until they kill all the enemies) and the feedback for the start (countdown) and the end (arrow) of the arena.
  • Imported and added the hit and damage collider to all the animations by using the editor. I also related the data with the animation system.
  • Since we didn’t want to distort the hard work that the art department did, I worked closely with them for tweaking the scales, timing of animations…