Teotl: Rise of a God


Nº of members in the team: 8 programmers / 3 artists


High concept:

“Teotl Rise of a God” is a 3D, 3rd person adventure/puzzle game where you will use your powers as the high god’s avatar in order to free the sun and the moon from their imprisonment.


My role: Gameplay programmer

This was the first time the team was working in something a bit more innovative and we weren’t sure if this was going to be fun to play. So, before coding the mechanics into our engine, we decided to learn Unity, much faster when talking about content generation, to test a small demo with some of the main mechanics of the game.

In this project there was lot of possible reactions between the props and the player and its powers. I was in charge of implementing some of those interactions, along with the HUD, the save/restart, the pushing enemy and the power transfer logic (main character could send some of the powers to the “limbo”, a virtual bag where the minions could access and take them in order to complete their segment).

Once the idea of the game was tested and approved, we started moving everything we did in the prototype to our custom engine. As I mentioned before, I was in charge of the save/restart, so I designed and developed a data manager that would dump and load the relevant data of the level from a Json every time that the player uses a checkpoint, dies or restarts the segment.

From that point on, I was more in charge of the feedback and beautification of the level: rotation of the “speed piece” of the character, the lights and particles in the shooting dragons, dust effect when objects fall or move at ground level, make objects shine when they can be controlled by the “magnetic power”, tones of particles everywhere…




More Info. + Download: