Ray Tracing

* Everything I did for this course was done from scratch

During this course we learned how to generate realistic images using ray tracing. The image below is a result obtained from the final ray tracer, where you can see the effect of the reflection and refraction, color bleeding and  lighting. In here, we combine the effect of usual Phong lighting with the effect of photon mapping. This last effect adds some “sand effect”, which could be solved by throwing more rays but would increase the render time.



Participating media

The final project for this course was researching and implementing a topic related with ray tracing, which in my case was Participating Media. In order to achieve it, I needed to change the ray tracing rendering by a photon mapping rendering. Once the basic photon mapping was done, I had to extend it so it would also compute the effect of the participating media.


As in my simulation the number of “particles” that would cause the effect was pretty high, the dust effect was very concentrated and that generated an effect more close to a “smoke” or “cloud” effect rather than dust. Beside that, I generate different renders using different characteristics for the photons, which I analyze and compare in the paper I wrote for this assignment. So, if you want more info about it, check it out!

—> Download here the final project paper: Participating_media.pdf