Paperfly effect



Nº of members in the team: 4 programmers / 3 artists / 1 sound mixer


High concept:

“Paperfly effect” is a 3D game that simulates the most literal butterfly effect. The player, capable of generating blizzards,  has to throw every object in the room to the floor.


My role:

As we only had 48 hours to complete the game and we already spent a big amount of the time defining and designing the game, we were already willing to write some code and we just skipped the role assigning step creating and assigning tasks on the go. For this project I personally helped in the implementation of the player movement, designed the particles, the outline of movable effects and combining the movement of the butterfly with the animation.



  • Winner – Best game in the Global Game Jam Bilbao 2018


More Info. + Download: