Fast Food


Nº of members in the team: 8 programmers / 9 artists


High concept:

“Fast Food” is a 3D, 3rd person exploration-through-rails game where you will need to defeat the evil Stan Leek in order to expropriate the water and give it to the people.


My role: Gameplay programmer

After the first weeks and once the main story was designed, we knew our game was going to be full of water. This was the first time we were working with Unreal and I had no clue of how difficult and expensive was creating water effects in it, so this is what I worked on the most: creating visually appealing water effects (water material, fountain particle effects, cascades…) and making them as optimized as possible. I also created some other effects as the smoke of the train, the particles of the car or the outline for the shootable targets.

Inside the beautification field, I also searched for sounds that would help the player identify what is going on in the screen.

As a gameplay programmer, I also coded one of the main gameplay mechanics of the game, the chasing fire. I worked from the particles for the fire and the trail of gunpowder to the interpolation of its position.

I finally implemented the talking pea that will help the player through the gameplay.


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